Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Senior beauties

Recently I've been working with a photographer who does tons of seniors pictures and boy has this been a new avenue for me. These young women are so gorgeous, young, and trendy it definitely has been a pleasure working with such beautiful canvases. The highly talented photographer is Brandi Kristina Photography. I meet her thru the adorable owner Natalie Belle of Southern Belle Glitz and we totally hit it off. They are both such great girls who absolutely have an eye for making women of all ages feel beautiful. Brandi even photographed me, and I felt beautiful even as big and pregnant as I am! That says a lot! Here's a few of the photos from the sessions! Please feel free to comment on any of your favorite looks or give any feedback you wish! I will be posting some of my latest beauty favs later on this week, along with how toos. 
Love and hair !
Kayla Jackson 
One of myself
And the gorgeous Miss Montecello Kiley in Kentucky! She's so cute!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bright beginnings

Hello there!
I have just had the most refreshing weekend! Myself and two fellow amazing stylists I have the pleasure of working with made the trip to Nashville for the much anticipated Fashion Focus Show. Every year in March Nashville hosts thousands of hair stylists, nail technicians,estheticians, and educators with the hopes that we will discover the next big tool, the upcoming trends, and soak in as much education as possible. During the two day event I came across the most exciting booth with hot pink bling, sexual ads, and super trendy eye catching group of professionals. The Dream Catcher Extension booth. I am asked about extensions all the time and hadn't found any I was passionate about until Now! I am so excited to announce that I will become Certified in there techniques this Sunday! I simply cannot wait to become a part of there brand. I will be posting about the adventure and all that I learn. After Sunday clients and brides will be able to book to extend there length, increase volume, or add fun pops of color. So stay tuned! 
Until Sunday! With love!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes and Planet

I did it! I said I would write on Monday...... Here is I am! 2 exciting things to talk about today.
1. The Golden Globes hosted by two of my favorite ladies Tina Fay and Amy Phoehler looking amazing! Award season is the best, it sets the tone for the year in beauty. Ombré was still going strong on Haley Cuoco and A glowing Oliva Wilde. Haley has a dark blonde progressing to a pale golden blonde. Where as Oliva has a darker look with Chocolate roots with caramel colored ends. I love both! There's something organically sexy about Ombré. I think it may be here to stay. Jennifer Lawerence looked stunning with her short new cut. Elizabeth Banks and Sofia Vergara wowed with glossy retro waves. They both looked as if there hair were satin, so shiny and healthy. You can't achieve that look without a professional. Amy Adams also had a look I am hoping to see more of. You don't see many Updos lacking curls and this one is great. Lots of texture still remaining sleek and modern. All and all it looks to good to me. Wonder which ones I will see walking down the aisle this year.  
2. The salon remodel! I am so stinking excited and thankful that my boss has taken the time and money to do some much needed tlc on updating our kick ass salon. Planet Salon is the home of my second family so I am happy to help. I will def be posting some pics but until then enjoy the golden globe pics! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Dear Diary,
Wow I am such a slacker! Hopefully with the new year I will get better about writting more! But hey I did go to school to do hair ! Anyway I had a great end to the new year. I had the pleasure of working with one of the trendiest girls I know on her wedding day at the Bell House. Unforunetly she wasnt feeling very well but that means we get to do a bridal shoot! Stay tuned for those pics as I will post when this dredfully cold weather warms up a bit and we can get outside. As for know I do have a few from her engagment shoot and wedding day.

Ugh she is Gorgeous! I cannot wait to get the professional wedding photos from the photographer!
There is a really fun oppertunity I have coming up which is a bit different for me and I am super excited about....... get ready .......... BOUDIOR! I have the pleasure of being a part of Lisa Hammond Photography for a day and styling hair and makeup for all the lovely ladies willing to bare some skin for that special someone in there life(lets be honest.... we do it for ourselves! we just want them to think its for them,lol ;) I will be sharing some of them as well! Oh I cannot wait to see what else this year has in store.
 New Product ALERT too! I recently purchased the Living Proof repair cream and I must say that Jennifer Aniston definetly knows hair becuase I love this product! You can use wet or dry and leaves hair soft,hydrated, and shiney. Oh and lets not forget combats static, this artic front has everyones hair standing on end, well not this girl, thanks to living proof!
Well thats all for now and I promise the wait wont be so long next time, actually lets set a date..... Talk to you Monday!
Love and Hair!
Kayla Jackson

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

  This Month is shaping up to be an exciting one! I had to get my hair and nails done for all the upcoming festivities! Its my Jennifer Aniston inspired look. I'm a little nervous, I haven't been this light in quite some time but I think it was time for a change!

The Bridal Bliss cocktail party at the Hilton kicks off the weekend, where I will get my booth set up and enjoy cocktails and horderves with all the talented wedding vendors. Hopefully there will be some wedding cake involved at some point! Wink wink, Rachel at She Bakes Cakes! 
The BIG show begins Sunday at 11.
My booth is going to be so adorable, I cannot even wait! My beautiful mom, Georgia is going to be my lovely assistant and model along with my cousin, the young and stunning Kari Morris. They both have great hair, I look forward to getting them all dolled up in there ensembles. Mom is wearing a blush and coral lace dress while Kari will be in a creamy Ivory dress with a cute Birdcage veil and cowboy boots.  I on the other hand can never figure out what I am going to do with myself until the midnight before I go anywhere! I will have tons of images from the beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure of being a part of, the magazines I've been featured in, taffy from Robin at Sweet treats, and some of the most adorable recipe cards! As a bonus...
$$$$$$$   Money Savings   $$$$$$$ 
Any Bride attending Bridal Bliss that books my services for there upcoming wedding by Sept 15 will get a Special Discount that I will announce on Saturday! Everybody needs to save where they can so make sure you stay tuned! 

Love and Hair,
Kayla Jackson